Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Hooray for marriage!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silly Reasons I know Steve's "the ONE"

When I bring him a Diet Coke from the Gas Station and it’s only half full, he doesn’t complain.

He doesn’t make fun of me when I ask him to check my closet for monsters.

His favorite color is brown.

While I watched Wives and Daughters, he sat quietly on the couch and didn’t make one sarcastic remark about the film.

He and I watched sat in Sunday school searching out the spelling errors made by instructor, and then compared notes. Yes, we’re righteous.
-Side note, this instructor happened to be an Elementary School Principal. She used such letter combinations as Isreal, Reabaom, Elijiah, and rigteouness. Wow…

He introduced me to Shark Week.

He puts up with my obsessive compulsive need to pick at his zits.
-Side note, Might be a slight over share, but it’s true.

We get our Slurpees half Cherry, half Pina Colada. I mean, is there any other option??

He’s patient with my crazy iPod habits…aka skipping the song when it’s halfway through and only listening to it on shuffle.

His biggest pet peeve is mixing up YOUR and YOU’RE. They are VERY different you know!

16 Days left!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ben Folds

On Saturday after we finished the necessary yard work and envelope stuffing required for the wedding, Steve and I got to go up to Deer Valley to the Ben Folds Concert. We grabbed some CafĂ© Rio in Park City, hiked the hill from the parking lot, staked out a good spot and ate our “picnic” on the lawn. I’d never been to Deer Valley before, and I was not disappointed. It was beautiful! We watched the sunset as the concert started, the temperature could not have been better and everything around us was green.

Ben Folds was playing with the Utah Symphony. He created orchestrations to some of his most popular songs, and the Symphony accompanied him on his piano. I’ve liked Ben Folds for awhile, but it was Steve who introduced me to him back when we dated in High School. So he was far more excited than I was for the concert. It was fun to be able to watch him, watching Ben Folds. Steve’s learned a few of his songs on the piano, so he knows when the hard parts are coming up, and what keys the songs are written in so he’d point those things out to me, and it totally made me realize how talented Ben Folds is. To watch him play the piano was hilarious, incredible and exhausting. His fingers move so fast it’s ridiculous, and he not only plays his songs, but writes them as well! His language left a lot to be desired, (he doesn’t hold back the swearing, even in front of a Utah audience.) but we got to hear some awesome arrangements with the symphony. My favorites were Gracie, Lullabye and Landed, which sound amazing the string section behind them. Another one that I didn’t know very well before but that I loved was Narcolepsy. (It was nice to have Steve there to point out the songs I didn’t know well.)

The best part of the evening however happened after the concert. Some people sitting next to us, who were sort of smashed, turned to us and asked if we wanted 311 tickets. We were strangers, and it seemed weird to me they’d even ask, but we just smiled and said “we’re good.” They asked why not and I said “because we’ll be on our honeymoon…” because I think that’s when the 311 concert is. However, our slightly drunken friends thought I said, “we’re on our honeymoon.” They laughed and “oohed and ahhed” and started the whole section cheering for us. We just decided to play along, because it seemed like it would be a futile attempt trying to explain their mistake. We just smiled and gave them a thumbs-up as we left the concert, and they had a grand old time teasing us as we walked away. Good times.

All in all it was a fun night out for us. Steve and I have been so stressed about the wedding, it was nice to just get away from the planning and be together with no worries attached.

Only 1 month to go!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crunch Time

50 Days! Steve and I have 50 days until our wedding. Now to most of you, that seems like an incredibly long time and nothing to get very excited about. I have had friends who’ve been engaged around that long and have felt it was the longest time of their life (i.e. Jessie, Mandy Abbie). However, when your engagement is a total length of 181 days, 50 days is not long at all.

So, we’re getting down to crunch time on the wedding planning. EVERYONE is feeling the strain, no one as much as Steve and I, with maybe the exception of my Mother. We’re slowly getting everything done, the guest lists, the caterers (and by caterers I mean shaved ice people), the flowers, the apparel of everyone involved. We’re meeting with the woman who’s doing our cake, putting the finishing touches on my dress, taking my bridals, and beginning the long list of Bridal Showers in the next two weeks. We’re also working with Steve’s parents being gone the 8th through the 17th, mine gone from the 23rd to the 31st and a Lake Powell trip with the English and Redd Families the first week in August. So as you can see, we’ve got lots of things to do, and less time to do them in.

The good news? Lindsay and I are going through the temple together Friday, and I don’t know that I’ve ever looked forward to anything more…except of course marrying Steve. Lindsay and I had a special day with Grandma yesterday so we could get our temple clothes and I think it’s safe to say we’re all set. It’s nice to know that I’ll have some way to relieve the stress that will probably plague me until my wedding day.

We have a lot to be excited for in the next month or so… 4th and 24th of July fun, Ben Folds Concert, family vacations and parties, weddings of friends and visiting family. We’re lucky to be having lots of family come out for the wedding. My Grandparents Boucher will be here with my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Beth from Arkansas for the first time since my brother Ryan left for his mission. Steve’s brother and sister-in-law Paul and Tenille and their adorable sons are coming from Syracuse. Steve’s having other family from California come as well, and we’re still waiting on some other family to make their plans, but we are SO excited and blessed to be able to have our loved ones come to our wedding.

It's been a long process, but it's been an incredible learning experience for Steve and I. We've become closer than ever, and we are so excited to see what the next 50 days has in store for us!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There is a switch

There is a switch

underneath my desk.

It's connected to a power strip

into which my computer and phone are plugged.

In the middle of the day,

when I'm finishing up a project

my body starts to slump in my chair

and my legs stretch out under my desk.

And then, BLINK!

The moniter goes dark,

the phone screen goes blank,

and my heart just drops.

Time to reboot......CRAP